The Pros And Cons Of Driving With A Team Partner

driving with a team partner

Many drivers have considered driving with a team partner before. However, what are the benefits of driving as a team? Many have a general idea of what a driving partner does to make the job better, but it’s difficult to define unless you’ve worked as part of a team before. 

Driving with a team partner can help relieve stress and reinvent your life on the road. Yet before you sign up for driving with a team, you’ll want to do your research. Not every driver will benefit from driving with a team partner.

What Are The Benefits of Driving With A Team Partner?

Team driving is the practice of two licensed truck drivers sharing a truck. While one driver sleeps, the other drives. This cycle repeats itself until you’ve completed the job. Truckers driving with a team partner help solve a lot of the problems many truckers face: short delivery windows, the urge to put off sleep, and loneliness.

Many trucking companies love to hire team drivers. There are many regulations surrounding what a trucker can do each workday. Driving with a partner helps ensure that freight delivery is on time. Driving as a team means that there are two sets of eyes for loading and offloading.

However, for many drivers having a team partner is best for combating loneliness. Long-haul truckers often face hours on the road with only infrequent phone calls home for socialization. Having a team partner changes this dynamic entirely. If two drivers can get along even after a long and stressful drive, the companionship helps both recharge. It’s much easier to drive the open road if you know someone else is there to have your back.

What Are The Negatives of Team Driving?

One of the biggest negatives of driving with a partner is the environment. Sharing a truck cab can be difficult, especially for two people with strong personalities. The benefits of driving with a partner can devolve into drama and conflict.

This is one of the reasons that some trucking companies prefer to not hire team drivers. Other trucking companies are not properly set up to support driving with a partner. This can be due to their internal culture, the type of freight they haul, or local regulations.

Additionally, both drivers need the proper CDL license for the freight they’re hauling. This means that truckers looking to bring along a spouse, friend, or family member on the road will need to ensure they receive proper training. This can be a barrier for those who wish to start trucking by driving with a team partner.

Another key thing to consider about driving with a team partner is your differences in driving style. You may both prefer day driving overnight, or like different kinds of music or restaurants. Learning how to strike a balance between two individuals used to driving a truck of their own can take an adjustment period.

Regardless of how you measure the pros and cons of driving with a team partner, it’s often difficult to know if you will like it without trying it first. If your company offers the opportunity to pair up with another driver, consider if you’d like to experience the benefits of team driving first. For some drivers, the loneliness of the road isn’t lonely at all, and they love solo driving more than team driving. 

Each and every trucker is different! Don’t assume that you will feel one way about driving with a team partner until you’ve tried it for yourself.

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