Staying Connected With Loved Ones While On the Road

Staying Connected with Loved Ones

When you’re out on the road, feeling disconnected from family and friends is common. However, the benefits of technology today mean that you can still stay in touch while away from home. There have been so many improvements in technology in recent years. Staying connected to your favorite people is important to avoid feeling lonely. These are just a few of the options to remain close even when you’re not physically present.

Facetime and Skype

These are two apps which are easily available and require just a data plan or internet connection to use. This tool allows you to video chat with anyone else who also has the same app. It’s a great way to enjoy a face to face conversation with family and friends. You can also be present for events if you’d like such as family dinners or other occasions. Many people find that there is a slight adjustment period to using these apps. However, they easily become more normal over time.

Take Advantage of Social Media

We all know that social media isn’t always your best friend. But Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and other media platforms can be a great asset. They’re good ways to share info about your life without having an in depth conversation.  For example, you could make a fun video about a place you’re driving too and post it on Snapchat. This is a fast and easy way to share with friends and family. Staying connected to loved ones on social media doesn’t have to take much time. If you want more privacy with your social media, most platforms allow you to create secure groups. This is especially beneficial when you want to be social with your kids. People who prefer to maintain their privacy can also benefit.

Run a Blog

If you’re a truck driver, chances are that you’re seeing parts of the country that others might not. You also have a unique perspective as this is a different type of career. If you enjoy writing, this can be a way to give friends and family some insight into your life. Blogging isn’t for everyone. But, it creates a simple way for the people in your life to get an insider’s perspective to what’s happening with you. Blog about the interesting sights you see on the road. Share about interesting people you meet or even the types of food you’re enjoying. You can make the blog public or private. Sharing videos and photos is fun and often rewarding. 

Phone Calls

If the methods above don’t always work for you, then never discount the benefits of a simple phone call. You may not always have access to a great internet connection to do a video chat. That said, you typically can still call or even text. Don’t discount this basic communication method. Many people enjoy getting short phone calls so consider this as an option. 

Being on the road can be difficult but it doesn’t have to feel isolating. With many tools today, you can enjoy more connection to family and friends than ever before. If you’re not sure of where to get started, consider using one or more of these methods for staying connected.

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